Who are we ?

We operate on the market arrangement closet for years, with the capabilities and professional skills that put us at the forefront thanks to new technologies. Respect for the environment and innovation have always been the guidelignes of our work.

The design, manufacturing and after-sales support, aquired references and the recognized quality are integral parts of a business philosophy geared toward continuous improvement of our products and our services.

Since 1981, our company creates design solutionsand custom storage, and over the years, the constant development of technical and vocational skills has allowed us to expand our network and customer loyalty.

  • Manufacturing is done by machine tools with numerical control of the latest generation.
  • showroom is available to our customers upon appointment.
  • The clientele of the company is constitued of cupboard store, kitchen store, carpenters, arranger and interior designer.
  • The expedition is ensured throughout the country, abroad and overseas region.
Storage market is booming and every day we strive to give the best of ourselves to satisfy all of our customers.

Why choose ED System ?

  For years of esperience

Since its inception in 1981, our company has gained great notoriety in the field of storage, our policy is trhe constant improvement of our products and services, thanks to team work and innovation.

  For French manufacturing high quality

Our products are designed and manufactured in France with raw materials of hight quality, we regularly checks in our workshop and throughout the manufacturing process.

  Because we facilitate things

Thanks to softwares BatiTrade and Winner Design, you can design and calculate your project before ordering, have a 3D visual to imagine and make changes.

  For individual monitoring

From commande to expedition, we ensure strict monitoring of your project with our business and the office of studies that are at your disposal to answer all your questions.